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VG-Lite Supplement

VG-Lite Supplement

Composition: Each Kg Contains

Yuccaschidigera 189grams
Nitrobactor 20g(10BillionCFU/gm)
Nitrosomonas 20g(10BillionCFUlgm)
Rhodobacta 20g(14CFUIgm)
Azadirachtaindica 15gm
Alliumsativam 90gm
Zingiberofficinale 60gm
Terminariaaquna 10gm
Aluminium Hydroxide 56gm
Calciumperoxide 100gm
Si02 146gm
Al203 100gm
K20 60gm
Na20 20gm
Fe203 30gm
Mg0 70gm
Ca0 40gm
Trace Elements q.s -----
Brand Vetgen


  • Complete absorption of ammonia, Nitrite and other toxic gases in pond bottom.
  • To improve and maintain stable phyto and zoo plankton growth
  • For conditioning of soil (Loose soil, Block soil)
  • Decomposition of dead plankton, waste feed in pond bottom
  • Maintain stable plankton bloom 100% Natural and organic
  • Improves the DO levels at pond bottom
  • Contains both Macro and Micro nutrients

Dosage: 10-20 Kg. Per acre, during culture or 20 to 50 kgs. Per acre, during pond preparation. As suggested by consultant

Storage and Caution: Keep in cool and dry place.

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